Gualupe's house is commonly seen in episodes. The Living room is the most seen. 

Gualupe's house from the front

Aunt Janie, Uncle Tojo, and Ned live in the other side.

Living Room/FoyerEdit

The Living room is the most seen area in the whole house, next
3d living room by rmpj

Gualupe's Living Room

to Gualupe's bedroom.

There is a television stand in the living room with a Clock, Some VHS tapes, a VCR, And of course a TV.

Dining AreaEdit

The Dining room is a living room-dining room combonation. Gualupe and her family can be seen eating here at

The Dining Area

multiple times throughout the series.

The Kitchen/Laundry ClosetEdit

There is a small kitchen in the back of the house with a door leading outside and a laundry closet to the right.


Upstairs are Lydia, Pam, and Gualupe's rooms. Gualupe and Pam's are next door to each other.

There is also 3 bathrooms.

Gualupe's RoomEdit


Gualupe's Room

Gualupe's Room is Beige white with brown dressers and a small bed.

Pam's RoomEdit

Pam's room is bright pink and has a four poster bed, a dresser, and lots of other things.
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Pam's Bedroom

Lydia's RoomEdit

Lydia's room is white and has a full/queen sized bed with lamps on the headboard, apparently a Television.

Lydia's Room