Ziterella is the first episode of Lady Of Gualupe.


Every schoolbook photo has turned out bad for Gualupe. But this year she is determent to get a good photo.

Unfortunately she gets a bad hair day the day before it's time to take the picture, and she's too embarrassed to buy a hair cream.

Notes, Goofs, and TriviaEdit

  • The bus full of old people in this ep says "Cocoon Gables" on the side.
  • The sheep jumping out of Lupe's locker (that's this ep, right?) becomes a running gag. Look for it again in "Radio Freak Tepeyac" and in her room in "One Angry Woman".


  • Milo: Whoa, easy Guadalupe.
  • Lupe: But what if someone sees me? From then on, I'll be known as 'Guadalupe'!.
  • Lydia: That's my daughter! The one with the black hair! My, she's not very photogenic.
  • Ms. Stark: Holy Mary, Mother of God pray for us sinners,

now and at the hour of our death. Amen.